As I dragged myself out of bed this morning (Friday, November 15), I decided that I should write a post to discuss the issue around the eventual naming of the National Research Centre (NRC).  Seeing as the NRC is only the temporary name for the physical archive of the TRC, it is only natural that discussions have already begun regarding the archive’s official name.  Last Friday (November 8), I had a chance to see for the first time the website for the NRC: NRC on Residential Schools website.  Since the site has been circulated and viewed by the NRC’s Information Technology Committee (a sub-committee of the larger Implementation Committee), the issue surrounding the name “NRC” has been brought to the fore and discussed by the committee’s members.  Assistant Professor of the U of M’s Archival Studies M.A. program Greg Bak brought up the important point that the name “National Research Centre” gives the impression that academic research is the main priority of the centre.  In response to Greg’s comment, a number of suggestions were given by other members of the committee, including “Centre for Truth and Reconciliation” and “Centre for Truth and Reconciliation on Indian Residential Schools.”  As it turns out, the temporary name for the centre is the “Truth and Reconciliation Centre on Residential Schools” according to the Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Trust Deed, and there is also a consultative process in place for the eventual naming of the Centre as anticipated by the University’s Bid for the NRC.

What are your thoughts on the naming of the NRC?  Please leave any comments or suggestions bellow.

In related news, the TRC’s mandate has been extended for one year (June 30, 2015)!  This morning’s edition of Arcan-l (Vol 103, Issue 12) mentioned the announcement of the extension.  Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt has released the following statement:

“I am pleased to announce that the Government of Canada will work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the parties to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, as well as the Ontario Superior Court to provide the Commission with a one-year extension to its operating period, until June 30, 2015, as requested by the Commission.”

For more information on the extension, please follow the links below:

Please stay tuned for more NRC (insert new name here) updates.

Jesse Boiteau