The purpose of this blog is to be as transparent as possible and to give the reader a glimpse into the process behind the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation`s (TRC) National Research Centre (NRC).  Historically speaking, archives have not done a stellar job of highlighting the processes behind their decision making, yet if the NRC wants to build a positive relationship with survivors of residential schools, their families, and members of the general public in order to build on the trust and reconciliation efforts that have been established by the TRC, they must start by being honest and open concerning the decision making that is going on behind the scenes.

My name is Jesse Boiteau and I am from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, and I am currently enrolled in the Archival Studies Masters program at the University of Manitoba.  For my thesis research, I am currently documenting the processes behind the creation of the NRC.  I will be doing this by attending TRC and NRC related meetings, and continuing my research on other TRCs from around the world, and hopefully sooner than later I will complete and publish my thesis, or as I like to call it, the never ending time goblin.